Mid-Indiana Bass Anglers

Welcome to the home the Mid-Indiana Bass Anglers
This is a  friendly gentlemen club with a competitive edge. Founded in 2007,  avid anglers and beginners join for the love of bass fishing associated with sportsmanship, fellowship, and group competition.We hold our own club Top-8  tournament each year between the top 8 anglers based on the previous year  standings for cash prizes. We have 7 point tournaments during the year and  a Classic tournament in the fall. If you love to fish and are looking for a club that provides sportsmanship, fellowship, and competition, this is the club for you. Membership dues are $25 per year. For more information,  please  complete   the   "CONTACT US" form below and one 

of our officers will contact you as soon as possible.
   Carl Hoadley
Andy Kelly
Angler of the Year 2020